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Welcome to Jerry's Apples and Farm Market

and home of Jimmy the Groundhog

Jerry's Apples and Farm Market is a family affair comprising of Jerry and Maria Hahn, Mary Hockett (Maria's Mom), Brenda Chew, Brian Hahn (Jerry's Children) and of course the grandsons, Austin and Nathan make it a "labor of love".
When you visit Jerry's Apples we want you to feel that it brings you back to a time when everything was less of a "hurry scurry", and more relaxed and laid back.
We let you pick your own apples if you wish or select from our pre-picked apples which we sell in our rustic 140 year old barn.
There are times when Jerry is a one man operation.  Thats when something very unique for this day and age kicks in.  Its called the "honor system".  We are very proud of this and many of our customers appreciate it too.  If we are not available you can still select, weight and pay for your own selections.  We trust you as you trust us to bring you the best foods we can.  Everything from the honor system to our 100 year old produce scale give you the feeling that you have traveled back in time to the by gone era of good food from good neighbors.

Pumpkins Squash and Gourds cover the yard.

Come and get it!!



It is the Fall of 2010 
and time for us to enjoy 
the fruits of the current 
farm market season.  
Come for a visit and 
see for yourself what a 
lot of sun and rain can do.

Pumkins grew in the trees this year!!!

A map to our farm    
Jerry Map

Jimmy always eats his vegetables.